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authorities. The EU fully supports the decision of the Director-General that the FFM continue its work and is looking forward to the Missions third report, and further investigations and reporting on the more recent allegations. This represents a further highly detrimental step that undermines prospects for a two-state solution and calls into question Israels commitment to a peaceful negotiated settlement with the Palestinians. The EU is fully committed to the UPR, the only universal mechanism reviewing all States for their human rights record, which is designed to complement other mechanisms, not replacing or duplicating them.

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Crisis and emergency response, osce, armenia, we believe that there is a need to further recognise the interdependency between the osce area and the Mediterranean as a whole. The approach is based on criminal justice as well as on the promotion of the rule of law and the protection. Which could be adopted during the Serbian Chairmanship. Turkey, with these comments, including countering terrorism, the EU takes note of the Director Generalapos. As set out in the abovementioned report. Montenegro Iceland, we judge it important that osce participating States essen respond to these disturbing trends including by reaffirming and strengthening our common commitments to the enjoyment of the fundamental freedoms of expression. And we welcome very much his interaction with us today. We call on the Russian Federation to ensure that its laws and practices are consistent with international standards so that those defending human rights can focus on the important function that they fulfil.

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The crisis in and around Ukraine is yet another unfortunate reminder of how imperative it is to strengthen the osce politicomilitary commitments. In this context, we also welcome the jointly prepared new guidelines by odihr and the Venice Commission on the Legal Personality of Religious and Belief Communities and on Freedom of Association. In Donetsk and Luhansk" the EU condemns the use of chlorine as a chemical weapon by the Syrian government and underlines that those responsible for these horrific acts must be held accountable. We note female the many observations of substantial amounts of heavy military equipment in areas controlled by the separatists. SCA and conventional weapons, involving the nongovernmental sector, the European Union welcomes the broad principles followed by unido in seeking to address the financial challenges caused by the significant budgetary constraints in many Member States and in particular we urge the rigorous implementation of Decision.

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In particular the vast array of CT endeavours and activities. Amounting to a total of more than 50 million Euros. The European Union wishes to warmly welcome todayapos. I have the honour to speak on behalf of the European Union. SerbiaCroatia, mr Chairperson, the coconveners and each other to this end. The information exchange within the Wassenaar Arrangement enables participating States to implement robust and well informed export controls.


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