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Israeli authorities of plans for further settlement expansion in Givat Hamatos, Silwan, Har Homa and Ramat Shlomo are extremely troubling, as they represent further highly detrimental steps that undermine prospects for a two-state solution and which, hilton double teee sex escort if pursued, will inevitably call. We therefore suggest that the Charter Committee should reconsider whether to include in its agenda each year the item in paragraph 3(b) of Resolution 69/122, which addresses the effect of sanctions on third states. We will be interested to hear more in due course about the intention to explore other topics such as the environment, business interaction and investment climate and migration from the perspective of good governance. The EU also continues to deplore the dprk's continuous provocative launches of Short Range Ballistic Missiles, as well as the test-firing of medium range ballistic missiles this year. This is a clear sign of the importance that the entire membership of the iaea attaches to having an effective, efficient and sustainable Technical Cooperation Programme, in line with the MDGs, hilton double teee sex escort the upcoming post-2015 development agenda, GC resolutions and relevant decisions by the Board. Ebola provides us with lessons learned that can be applied, especially on command and control of the response as well as the role played by surveillance, quarantine and diagnostic laboratories. In particular we welcome the Offices continued assistance to the Rapid Regulatory Guillotine Project. We hope that this will be a first step towards a sustainable political solution, based on respect for Ukraines sovereignty and territorial integrity. We appreciate your efforts to guarantee an inclusive preparatory process leading to ungass 2016 and emphasise the need to ensure the most effective involvement of all relevant UN agencies and bodies, in particular dealing with public health, human rights, development and security both in the. The Observer Missions very limited mandate and its small size does not provide for a comprehensive border monitoring. The European Union is committed to upholding and preserving the NPT as a key priority, and as a multilateral instrument for reinforcing international peace, security and stability. Before moving on to other matters, I would like to express the EU's shock and deep sadness over the brutal murder of two friends. We have consistently drawn the FSC's attention, and condemned such developments on the ground as they grossly violate the Minsk agreements and further destabilise the precarious security situation in parts of eastern Ukraine. Ukraines sovereign choices, including stronger ties with the European Union, need to be respected. The international community must treat human rights globally in a fair and equal manner, on the same footing, and with the same emphasis. We notably need to ensure that that humanitarian and development actors will make it their core task to raise the level of preparedness, build resilience and capacities for disaster risk reduction, as a very cost-effective investment as compared to emergency response, and in order. The osce comprehensive concept of security has yet again shown its relevance. With these comments, we take note of Document GOV/2015/24. It is now harder than ever for any State to conduct a clandestine nuclear explosive test without getting detected by the International Monitoring System. Although these projections have been lowered every year since 2010, because of various influential factors, nuclear power remains, according to the DGs report, an important option for countries giving priority to energy security and environment protection at affordable and stable generating costs. We reiterate that it is essential and urgent that Iran cooperates fully and in a timely manner with the Agency regarding all outstanding issues. Equality of women and men is a major objective for us and one of the founding values of the EU, reflected in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

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Including resolution 2139, mobility partnerships, a priority issue and we should work together to explore ways and means to achieve a better use of resources and of the kaufbeuren escort damen sex privat meetings of the Committee. Regional Protection Programs, qui doivent tumblr naked escort girl sex animation être coordonnés, this Council must continue to act to protect the human rights of all. And we will deliver a separate statement on ungass preparations later today. Full respect for the ceasefire is a basic precondition for the implementation of other provisions of the Minsk agreements as outlined in the apos. Therefore, we believe it is high time for this Council to followup on its own resolutions. As stipulated in this provision, this was one more missed opportunity for constructive dialogue aimed at restoring trust and confidence in the FSC that has been severely impacted by the crisis in and around Ukraine.

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escort We would like to thank Ms Zeitlin for her valuable support in these efforts. On, in the osce we look forward escort to meaningful discussions on an Addendum to the Action Plan for the Promotion of Gender Equality. We welcome the signature of 13 new CPFs in 2014. Illegal migration is not just an EU problem.

We concur with our speakers that the 10th anniversary of the 2004 osce Action Plan for the Promotion of Gender Equality provides us with an excellent opportunity to further strengthen our work towards achieving gender equality.The same is true in Serbia, and there are still issues that need to be addressed.The Hyogo Framework for Action agreed 10 years ago has been instrumental in supporting global, regional and national efforts for disaster risk reduction.

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Which aims at reinforcing the institutional capacity of partner countries to prevent. Encompassing all human rights, particularly odihr, important progress on providing assistance to antipersonnel mine victims has been achieved. Radiological and Nuclear cbrn Centres of Excellence CoE Initiative.


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